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Historical Doors Refinished by Northwest Refinishing

Before and After Full Door

Before and After left and right

First Presbyterian Church Tacoma

These doors came out amazing! First Presbyterian Church is a historical building located in Tacoma’s Stadium District. The church as it stands now has been there since 1937 and is well loved by the community. On just about any day, you will see photographers with romantic couples, high school seniors and others on the beautiful grounds of the church. The doors however, were starting to show their years. Sun and rain damage were taking a toll. Although, in their weathered appearance they were still beautiful, but real questions of how long the doors would hold up had to be considered.

The unique design of the doors were under stress of Northwest weather – rain. Square pockets with the most damage to the veneer were tended to first. Securing weak spots and filling damaged spots one at a time. Next, acetone to remove the stain. The doors were black from age. Then we sanded getting down to the fresh wood where we could apply stain. The process didn’t stop there, but this isn’t a lesson on how to refinish. We take our time and do the steps to make your project turn out beautifully. Our methods and care are uncompromised. There are no short cuts. We simply do it right!

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Improving The Great Indoors!

It’s time for the holidays! Whether you’re planning a party for Halloween, hosting Thanksgiving dinner, inviting the family for  Christmas, we can help your home interiors look great! Fall is Great Indoors Season for Northwest Refinishing.

The refinishing job pictured was done in a beautiful Tudor-style home. The home’s entry welcomes you to this wonderful room made for entertaining and gathering family and friends. The home-owner was interested in going from dark to light. We got to work protecting the chandelier, 1950’s wallpaper, and the floor. The transformation took about a week. All built in wood was refinished on site. As we worked the room was isolated to ensure chemical smells and dust did not flow out into her home, allowing the family to function normally without disruption. She was thrilled with the transformation.  We can work for you too!

What projects would you like completed for the Holidays? Send us a message. We serve western Washington – Tacoma, Seattle, Bellevue and their outlying areas.

Northwest Refinishing – We make wood look good


Could your door use a new finish?

It’s summertime! The weather is perfect for having your door refinished. Above 70 degrees (ideally 75 degrees) is perfect for refinishing your door. Finish needs a certain temperature to cure properly. If it’s too cold it’ll be gummy and will never harden. Too hot it won’t bond well. Now is the time.

Here in the Northwest sunny warm days, without rain allows optimum opportunity to refinish doors. I’ve seen them all. Not every beautiful design is great for positioning (North, East, South, West), exposure, design cut. BUT, being the creatures we are, we choose what we choose. Intricate wood cuts, heavy water or sun exposure can damage the door. Save it! We’ll repair weather damage and finish your door with the proper finish to protect it for hard winter weather.








Northwest Refinishing Goes Boating!

Boat refinishing
Boat refinishing

Northwest Refinishing can refinish the interior wood of your boat! We understand how to work in these tight quarters where every inch is doing double duty and take extra care with masking to protect special wall coverings and working around other contractors. We provide only the best finishes to achieve your interior decorating goals.