Historical Doors Refinished by Northwest Refinishing

Before and After Full Door

Before and After left and right

First Presbyterian Church Tacoma

These doors came out amazing! First Presbyterian Church is a historical building located in Tacoma’s Stadium District. The church as it stands now has been there since 1937 and is well loved by the community. On just about any day, you will see photographers with romantic couples, high school seniors and others on the beautiful grounds of the church. The doors however, were starting to show their years. Sun and rain damage were taking a toll. Although, in their weathered appearance they were still beautiful, but real questions of how long the doors would hold up had to be considered.

The unique design of the doors were under stress of Northwest weather – rain. Square pockets with the most damage to the veneer were tended to first. Securing weak spots and filling damaged spots one at a time. Next, acetone to remove the stain. The doors were black from age. Then we sanded getting down to the fresh wood where we could apply stain. The process didn’t stop there, but this isn’t a lesson on how to refinish. We take our time and do the steps to make your project turn out beautifully. Our methods and care are uncompromised. There are no short cuts. We simply do it right!

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